North Pender Island Official Community Plan Resource

This view to the south-west from Mount Norman, South Pender Island, was photographed by Sue Bailey in 2004. Medicine Beach and its protected marshland are at the head of Bedwell Harbour and in the distance beyond North Pender is Mount Bruce, Saltspring Island.

Welcome to the North Pender Island Official Community Plan Resource

This website is a non-partisan North Pender community resource to augment the public focus group forums which contribute to the review of our Official Community Plan (OCP).

Notes from the Islands Trust planner, summary notes from the focus group facilitators, submissions from the community, and comment to this website will be posted as received, all of which may assist our Local Trust Committee in their task of reviewing the OCP.

Public participation is important; our elected trustees will use the North Pender OCP as a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions, planning and land use management.




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