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01 Goals

Review the existing goals in Sections 1.2 and 1.3 of the Official Community Plan (OCP, 1993)

02 Density Transfer, Amenity Zoning and Local Area Plans

Review these tools and determine if they are appropriate. If so, what principles, objectives and guidelines should be considered.

03 Environmental Development Permit Areas (EDPAs)

Are Environmental DPAs an appropriate tool? If so, what principles, objectives and criteria should be considered?

04 Commercial and Industrial Development Permit Areas (DPAs)

Consider the use of Commercial and Industrial DPAs.

05 Commercial Accommodation Policies * (new content)

Review existing commercial guest accommodation policies and consider if short term vacation rental, camping and Tourist Commercial policies should be included or amended.

06 Proof of Potable Water Policies

Review existing potable water and groundwater policies in the Official Community Plan (OCP).

07 Parkland Acquisition and Trails Policies

Consider pre-designation of lands subject to park dedication at the time of subdivision, and consistency of OCP with Parks Commission Master Plan.

08 Housing Policy

Review the need for affordable housing and seniors' housing.

09 Home Industry Policies

Consider the intent and appropriateness of Home Industry as a Rural use.

10 Agriculture

Review existing Agricultural policies, agri-tourism,agri-tourist accommodation and ALR application policies.

11 Transportation

Review existing transportation policies, land use impacts and designation of bike lanes.


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