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This page explains how members of the North Pender Island community can comment on our upcoming Official Community Plan review, its process and any other associated topic.

Note: Both methods of submissions are subject to the following submission guidelines:

1) Comments posted are to be respectful and constructive.

2) Comments posted are to be from North Pender residents, property owners and
those eligible to vote in the upcoming November, 2005 Local Trust
Committee elections.

3) Please avoid naming individuals in your comments. While a community
member might disagree strongly with a point of view expressed by
another, please remember to take issue with the issue and not the

4) The website owner accepts no liability for content or intent of
content of comments posted. Views expressed on the website are the
those of the named author or organization only and are not necessarily
the views of the website owner.

At present there are two methods of leaving a comment to be posted on this website for viewing by members of the public :

1) The Dedicated Comment Box - For shorter remarks of between 0 - 500 words. Use the various drop down menus to identify yourself and the subject you wish to make a comment on, then type your thoughts into the box. This will expand as you type and can accommodate up to 2000 characters.

2) Email submissions - Please include your name, address, contact telephone number, and subject. This is a regular email application and has no limit on the amount of words entered. However, please be concise as we have to read each one.


** - Comment received

01 Goals**

02 Density Transfer, Amenity Zoning and Local Area Plans

03 Environmental Development Permit Areas (EDPA)

04 Commercial and Industrial Development Permit Areas (DPA)

05 Commercial Accommodation Policies

06 Proof of Potable Water Policies

07 Parkland Acquisition and Trails

08 Housing Policy

09 Home Industry Policy

10 Agriculture**

11 Transportation

12 Your Comments on this OCP Process

13 General Comments

Meetings and Events

14 Open House and Community Information Meeting - June 18 2005**


PLEASE NOTE: All personal details are required for verification purposes only. Only your name will be posted with your comments.


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